688 Abbott St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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About a month ago I noticed bed bugs and bumps on my body thought it was a rash but now it turns out to be bed bugs I'm on the ninth floor and nothing has been done about this situation I'm fed up of strata not helping this situation not wanting to pay the rent for such a place that takes no action to fix problem my landlord isn't around to help and if he was I'm sure he would try to blame me don't know what to do but will take legal action soon

We just found them a month ago. it is such a freaken nightmare, no idea where they came from.

Currently have bedbugs, thought they were there as soon as we moved in. Not sure how they got there but I question the protection sheet in the elevator never comes down and the carpets in the hallways look very dirty. The strata has been very quick to try to resolve the issue and I hope I will be able to sleep peacefully soon. I am frustrated over the costs in drycleaning, carpet cleaning and throwing out of previously wanted items due to the fear of the spread of these horrible creatures. Check

the edges of your mattress!!!!!!!!!

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I'm living in a 1.5 year-old building in downtown Vancouver, right across the street from GM Place and the Skytrain. It has, in the past 6 to 12 months become a noticeably transient location, with lots of changes, in terms of short term tenants. I woke up about three weeks ago and noticed red bumps all over my right forearm. I thought I'd broken out in hives, and went to the doctor to confirm this. I was consequently given a prescription for a strong antihistamine. I figured that whatever I

was allergic to would be controlled by that, but a week later, the same thing happened. There were more bumps. My boyfriend stayed over that weekend, and he had the WORST night. Bugs feasted on him, and he had an awful reaction, particularly on his arm, which swelled up, looking like there was a golf ball inside his arm. Finally, on November 26th (Wednesday), I was sitting on my bed, and noticed a bunch of dark spots on my white bedsheet (topsheet). I am a teacher, and had figured a pen or something had exploded in the dryer, so there were marks from that. But upon closer inspection, I also noticed little brown spots and bloody areas, too. It dawned on me that they must be from bug bites. I was pretty horrified when I realized this, and immediately got in touch with a pest control agency. I described my situation, and the markings on my bedsheet, and they agreed it sounded like bedbugs. After that, i called the property manager, who immediately got in touch with the building manager. They *say* that they will call Pest Control to deal with the problem, but it has already been five days since they first said this, and nothing has been done. Apparently, I am the only one to report bedbugs at this address. I find it difficult to believe that I brought these to my apartment, as I haven't been anywhere abroad (or domestically) recently. With the transient nature of my building these days, it seems more likely that they have migrated from another suite. At least, I hope that's what has happened! I have since given my month's notice, and have moved back in with my parents for the time being. All of my items are still in the apartment, waiting for it to be treated, as I don't want to move anything and take the bugs with me. The whole situation is a pain in the butt, and I feel frustrated, but most of all, just tired! It sucks. Or, should I say, they suck.

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