620 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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Hi. I wanna know if the management already did something for the bedbugs? I wanna move here in a few months but after reading this, I hesitate...

bed bug issue ,

i been experiencing bedbug in my room for last couple weeks,
i notified the manager but got a negative responce.
now am afraid it has got into my personal stuffs too,i just moved in a month ago.

(zero infestation update)

Doing an update to the July 5 post. Anah the building manager was extremely prompt to bring an exterminator to do a diagnosis and we determined that there was no infestation in my room. It looks like it either was a straggler from the outside or it was a different bug.

Either way for a while now we've been trying to take down the previous post and the owner of the site has been ignoring our requests. Even after 5 emails, he's been unresponsive. He's some Romanian

dude living in California who is trying to run two big websites by himself. Unfortunately, it looks like the registry is being neglected.

see full report...

Found a large mature bed bug crawling on me while reading at night.

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