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Bed bugs are a growing problem in communities across North America, and a concern for all of us in the travel and hospitality industry. Unfortunately because of the way they are spread - by attaching themselves to a person’s clothing, luggage and even on taxi and airline seats - we are unable to prevent the spread or a guest from bringing them into our hotel.

Our housekeeping staff are trained to thoroughly inspect guest rooms daily for the presence of bed bugs, and we work closely with ou

r third party pest control partners to ensure our hotels remain pest free. We do have procedures in place when a potential case of bed bugs is detected which involves us working closely with our third party pest control partners to investigate each situation and take the necessary measures to treat any problems.

I would be happy to speak with you personally or with any of our guests that have questions or concerns.


Barry Johnson
Operations Manager

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We awoke one day and one person (who was sleeping in another bed) had large, red, painful bites in a line along her side and face. She spoke to the hotel staff who had their "checkers" go through the room to see if they could find bedbugs. They told us they did not find any, but would change the sheets for us. They offered to move us to another room for "psychological reasons" but assured us there were no bedbugs.

The next morning, the same person had more bites of a similar nature. She w

rote to the hotel after returning home and they said that, in fact, they returned to the room after we left and did find bedbugs.

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