500 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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I live here now in fourth month, no bedbugs or even heard of them here, 10 roaches so far is about 1 every 10 days, more than half came in from outside with darker color.Every building downtown has mice, they are natural to the neighborhood. Staff are extreme nice, tenants average of all sorts, noisy neighborhood so I like it, don't get that living in the morgue feeling like in the suburbs. A historic at one time the most elegant hotel this side of Ontario (1908. a real gem of the wild west in U

pperOldTown, Vancouver. Potential A+

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i stayed here Nov 2006 - Aug 2007.

The first room i stayed in smelled like something died in the walls and was rotting. I stayed one night in it. ugh

Then I moved to another room, and after a few nights and realized i was being bled dry by bedbugs. my first encounter with the devils. bfast, lunch & dinner bites all over. I slept with lights on, and my skin was crawling with creepiness.

After a few nights, I moved to a third room which actually quite nice. Top floor, corner room, t

wo windows, no smell, great view.

Forewarned, I sanitized the room with bleach, Raid spray and bombs. i nuked the place for 24 hours while i stayed elsewhere.

I encased mattress in industrial plastic sheeting, sealed it with packing tape. Bought my own bedding, threw theirs out. I wasn't troubled by bedbugs again in the 9 months i was in that room.

The showers, toilets and hallways were decrepit, often horribly filthy.

I am a professional, who lived on the "downside" for a while : ) But, hey it was cheap, centrally located, and had a decayed charm. When i would emerge from the bldg each morning, i felt like iwas reentering the world. It was so wrong, it was right. And actually, most of the peopel who worked there were damn fine people.

Anyways, it is a bedbug heaven at this place. The Province or city is leasing this place, renovating and housing the homeless in it now .. good luck getting rid of the bedbugs eh? Panhandler blood good as mine lol

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This building is bedbug capital of Vancouver.
It's called Dunsmuir International Student Housing.
It mice are also running rampant on pretty much every floor.
I think it's safe to say tht sleeping outside on a side walk is safer then this place.

My stuff was stolen here. Room 232, 238 and 237 are completely infested with bedbugs and so are two third of the building. Rodents are everywhere and feces overflowed half of the washrooms every other day. The manager Anthony made fun of my disabilities and a complaint against him is lodged with human Rights Tribunal of Canada. Avoid this place at all cost..staff is rude and can be abusive.

I reported the problem to the building management (Hyviera Management LTD.) two days ago after I woke up next to one of the juicy blighters. These people did nothing. Thank you for this site, I have already done most of the wrong things but now know better.

Apparently the building is infested and the only attempt at control is a monthly round of spraying and provision of 'refurbished' mattresses. There are many unwary summer visitors to this building and it's bed bug central. A disgrace.

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