50 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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lately the elevator has not been operatioal since a day before welfare on sept 23,2015. living on the upper 4th floor and being on disability, handling the stairs is almost unmanageable. it has interfered with my daily routine immensely since i cant carry too much up and down the stairs. when asked about when it will be fixed the management is very flippant about it and try to lay blame on the residents abusing the ancient elevator. Personally i think they are trying to get rid of everybody so

they can renevict. i can only imagine what the older residents that cant handle the stairs and who live on the upper floors are feeling. i have a little tiny fridge and i have to buy fresh groceries daily. i have been unable to do so, and various other complaints as per the elevator being down. i think some compensation is in order.

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Hello: This is actually called the Hildon Hotel (with a 'D'), the bar below is called the Bourbon. Employees from either establishment have access to both Offices here. Two separate business entities with one set of Staff & Management. Barry Pierce extends himself to the Public as a Bourbon Pub Representative. To the Tenants here he is merely the executive Branch of the Residential Management. He signs our eviction notices and enters our rooms to verbally and physically harass us. If the Barry b

elow is the same Barry here...that Barry is a fraudulent and a physiologically disturbed man. I awoke again this morning with a bedbug biting me. Always around 4 o'clock in the morning. I don't have many, just one or two that seem to find me in my steel framed futon. They must be falling from the other side of the future ceiling here. You see, Barry is selective about which rooms he cleans before renting. Mine was not cleaned at all, nor was it painted. There must be years and years of filth stored in the space between the future ceiling and the ceiling proper that is now falling on me constantly as I sit in this room. Disgusting...huge Godzilla sized disgusting. The Building is owned by the same people who own the Army & Navy Dept. Store chain. Both Barry and Ms. Cohen of the A&N drive about town here in their luxury vehicles, while we are treated more like cargo than like people...people who's money is being spent by Barry Pierce.

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Hello. I have lived in the Hildon Hotel under the management of one Barry Pierce. This Hotel has had bedbugs and several complaints made about them from many of the tenants here. We are verbally abused by desk clerk Glenn Miller and told by Barry that; "I don't deal in gossip". If you ask for service as per this issue, they tell you that the have their own exterminator who comes in on Mondays and...you will have to leave your room for about 4 hours, at your own time and expense, while Barry's fr

iend does whatever he does in your room for that time. Not much as, the bedbugs are and always will be in this Hotel, for the time that is mis-managed by Barry Pierce. Barry Pierce actually forced his way into my suite here yesterday and has a mental health episode here...making threats against me and poking me in the chest while he did so. VPD File # 15-175280. The notion that this has just come to Barry's attention is entirely disingenuous. His desk clerk, Glenn Miller happens to be the brother of Dan Miller; former Premier of BC. They know better but simply do not care.

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It has just recently come to my attention that this site existed from someone inquiring about rooms. I can tell you a lot of changes have been done since the last post of 2010, none of what was described previously exists presently.

I stayed there for a while last year and was eaten alive with Bedbugs. They say they spray, but it never gets rid of them. I found a nest in my mattress, I had to throw everything out and the Manager was no help, if anything hes a jerk too.....dirty dirty place to live. I smells like a sick and dying hospital, not a hotel.

I live in the Bourbon Hotel, many of my neighbors and myself are being eatin alive by bedbugs every night.

The Bourbon?

Large bedbug infestation. for those that are interested, they also have a lot of cockroaches. and I mean a lot.

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