50 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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It has just recently come to my attention that this site existed from someone inquiring about rooms. I can tell you a lot of changes have been done since the last post of 2010, none of what was described previously exists presently.

I stayed there for a while last year and was eaten alive with Bedbugs. They say they spray, but it never gets rid of them. I found a nest in my mattress, I had to throw everything out and the Manager was no help, if anything hes a jerk too.....dirty dirty place to live. I smells like a sick and dying hospital, not a hotel.

I live in the Bourbon Hotel, many of my neighbors and myself are being eatin alive by bedbugs every night.

The Bourbon?

Large bedbug infestation. for those that are interested, they also have a lot of cockroaches. and I mean a lot.

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