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Vancouver, BC V6B

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Building has roaches that appear every few months. management will spray the affected units but they will just travel to the non sprayed suites and return a few months later because they hide in units that have tenants who live in filth

I moved in on 11-1-2014. I noticed right away that there were bugs which I found out as they got more and bigger were roaches. I have not had any bedbugs but my neighbour upstairs who moved in a month earlier had them. I don't cook or even eat much in my suite because I'm scared of attracting the bugs but they still started multiplying so I asked to get it looked at. They didn't tell me how the inspection went and it turns out that they "treated" my suite. I got vey sick between that time. Not s

ure if it is from pest treatments but it probably didn't help my immune system to be sleeping in the small room the same night. Ive thrown out a bunch of things like blankets and enclosed food I haven't been using because i'm so afraid of where the bugs could be. Its obviously not a clean place to begin with (you may find blood or puke near or in the elevator at times, and when i moved in i spent hours just washing the walls and trying to clean the stained floors) but its annoying that even if you are clean the bugs still live in your apartment.
Also just a side note: most of the suites seem to have something or other broken in them. Mine had a faulty heater during the coldest months and the window latches are also broken, along with a mirror. What was fixed was an unhindging window and they came in to fix things without a text message notice like requested. The suite i almost moved into had a hole in the wall, a broken heater vent, broken window lathes, and the door to the washroom had no closing mechanism. Even for a single occupancy room downtown near a skytrain i think I have been paying too much.

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building is infested with bedbugs. Hundreds of them in the garbage room of the building. Along with roaches. I am an extremely clean professional, I leave no dishes or food out, and regularly clean my rugs, and floors daily. The building exploded with bed bugs and I was told that my room may be fumigated I would be let know. Other rooms had been done that week which confirmed the spread of bugs. My neighbor even mentioned to me as I was moving out bugs right? So its common in here. All of sudden

there was a rent increase in the building. Obviously to pay for the fumigations. Not to mention the ppl urinating in the hallways, spitting, and leaving garbage all over the place. Also mention from other tenants of having mice in their rooms, roaches, and bed bugs. They let anyone live in here and dont give a damn about cleanliness. Not to mention not having my heater fixed after a year of asking to have it done. It was just turned off and on never fixed. Took me 5 months to have a new shower door installed after it fell on me hitting me in the head. Regularly I had to lean my door against the shower and put towels around to be able to shower. My fridge leaked and didnt work properly. I was told to defrost it. I did every week.I had no door on the freezer part and had to make one out of tin foil. I was never paid for the paint I used to paint my place. My baseboards were never fixed as I was told. I lost all of my furniture and had to pay hundreds to clean my clothing. The building is a filthy nasty mess. The managers when you can find them dont give a crap. Everything that happens is your fault. Theyre lazy and careless. Huge infestation and my room was most likely rented without being fumigated.

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There was a sprinkler flood on the sixth floor approximatly 2 months ago and there was a hoard of cockroaches. Fortunatly i have a cat and he likes the taste of cockroaches, however they never replaced the drywall after the flood, so i,m wondering if cockroaches are attracted to mould spores..????

Recently moved in and there is definitely cockroaches in the suites. Hopefully I won't encounter any bedbugs.

The Building is infested in Cockroaches and Bedbugs.

Lived here for a few months (first on the second floor and then moved up to the sixth floor).
Noticed some bugs (I suspect cockroaches) that crawled on the walls in the room on the second floor. After moving up to the sixth floor I was happy to find that there were no bugs crawling on the walls. Unfortunately, began to notice bed bug bites on myself and shortly after moved out.
It seemed like this place was a good deal for the neighborhood, but it definitely isn't worth the stress and nightm

are of living in a bug infested building.

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Place definitely has Bedbugs.

I moved in at the beginning of February and started finding Bed Bugs and German Cockroaches right away. There weren't many that I saw though I was always on watch (saw and killed a couple of each per day). I sprayed on a small scale and started implementing IPM techniques (taped off, caulked or spray foamed areas where they might hide or enter the suite and then clear plastic bagged and boxed everything so that I can see all their movements and it's hard for them to move about).

The building

manager sent Avon Pest Control to check and spray my room which seemed to help but didn't clear up the problem. The guy wasn't very thorough and seemed to miss spraying important areas that were suspect and which I had specifically mentioned to him. He had a lot of assumptions about where they wouldn't be which I've since disproved by finding them there (like in the overhead vent/fan in the bathroom).

Management informed me that others had come forward since my report. They reinstated room inspections and sent the exterminator around to several suites. The building smells much better now and, after it slowed down over the last couple of weeks, I have finally stopped finding any of the little vampires. The cockroaches stopped sooner since there was no food here for them.

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Absolutely terrible. One of the worst infestations I have seen.

I moved in to the Lotus May 15... just shortly after the building had come under new ownership/management. All the suites have been renovated and look quite nice and clean, and I will say that the management really does seem to be making an effort to clean the place up. But I started to see a lot of cockroaches after a couple months, and by August I found a bed bug on my mattress and eggs..

The manager said he would spray the suite but also started to ask me a lot of questions about "how they

got there" and was clearly implying that the cockroaches and bed bugs were my fault.

I didn't appreciate this but also didn't really care as I was getting
out of there anyways. For the record, the last place I lived in I stayed for over a year and there were never any bug issues. There is no way I brought them with me.

So heads up - The place still has issues. I was on the 6th floor, apartment #660.

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Entire building is infested w/Bed Bugs but you can defeat them by simply wrapping your mattress up in plastic, using a metal bedframe, and putting dbl-sided sticky tape on the bottom to prevent crawlies from coming up.

Management sprays twice per month for bugs.

Bedbug problems for years (I lived there for two). Three seperate floors that I know of (i only knew people on three of the floors.) I think the problem is due to the large number of rooms, and some people denying extermination for whatever reason.

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