438 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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Stay away from units rented by a guy named Joe. On many occasions his tenants have complained, but because most are international student he feels he does not have to deal with the situation. If you complain he will keep your deposit. Beware his unit often have bugs

This building definitely has bedbugs! I'd lived in this condo more than 1year, from the Olympic game to May 2011, I saw many bedbugs in my unit. I didn't hire any terminators but killed a lot of them. one day I saw someone living on the same floor left a mattress in a hallway. Bedbugs seem to travel really easily especially in this building because the all of the hallways are carpeted, so that they can lurk anywhere. I got bitten a bit not so many however the fact that bedbugs were walking on th

e floor in the middle of nights, finding bugs at the corner of my own bed or on couch are not very good memories. I already moved to another city but that was a seriously horrible experience. The landlord of my unit didn't take my complains seriously so I couldn't do anything. I couldn't afford for bug terminators, I don't think the landlord let my next tenants about bedbug problems. Hope they don't have got any bites.

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I was living there from October 2009 until the end of the Olympic Games and from January to March I was getting bitten. But it didnt look like any bed bug bites i saw in other countries (NZ or India etc..) These ones happened only on my hands and forearms. Then when my partner slept over, he was sleeping near the wall who separate my apt from the one next door, he was getting bitten loads so I talked to my landlord who got someone he knew from the building to spray the room and a bit of the livi

ng room but 10 days later the bites came back so he sprayed the place again. I moved not long after that. It cost me quite a bit of money as i had to dry clean some of my clothes and get rid of other stuff. Disgusting experience!

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We moved here 2 months ago, relieved that when we checked this website, there were no reports of bedbugs. Within a couple weeks of moving in, both my boyfriend and I were getting clusters of bites all over our backs. We had advised our landlord, who had the building manager hire an inspector to come in. The "inspector" did a half-assed job, that could hardly be considered an inspection. He reported that we did not have bedbugs, meanwhile we have continued getting bitten every night, and have

found bugs in the bed and curtains. When we moved in, we bought brand new furniture. It's frustrating that now we have a 2-month old sofa that we spent $1000 on, that is now filled with bedbugs. Not impressed.

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