415 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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I stayed at 675 Whiting Way in Coquitlam in 2005. This building is managed from 555 Cottonwood. And it is in the Lougheed Mall area. There are a number of buildings in the complex.

My one bedroom apartment was sprayed in December 2004. I found a notice about it on top of the shelving. My landlord did not inform me of the history of bedbugs before I moved in. My neighbour told me that bedbugs were a problem in the building (and mice too). In August 2005 I started to get a few bites wh

en in bed and when sitting at my computer. I looked up bed bugs on the internet to see how to recognize them. I checked my brand new box spring and mattress and found old blood casings and a live bed bug!

The management had Orkin come and spray right away. I had often seen the Orkin truck parked outside.

I threw away my new boxspring and mattress. I was not offered any compensation from the building management. These have to be wrapped in plastic when you dispose of them or else you are leaving bed bugs in the hallway.

Even after spraying, a bed bug's eggs can live. It's possible for a bed bug to live for one year without feeding. They are hard to get rid of.

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I live at this address. I do not have an infestation in my suite, but there are bed bugs in the building.

Recently, the caretakers informed me that a neighbor residing close by has bed bugs. They treated my suite as a precautionary measure . . .

I live with constant worry, and am manically cleaning and changing bedding.

This is a horrible situation!

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