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I regularly visit the VPL, central branch on Sundays and Mondays. I usually browse the movies, the mystery section, and I teach a class. Over a span of about 8 weeks, I have detected bedbug bites on my wrists and arms(uncovered parts). They always appeared on Wednesday of Thursday the following week. First, I did not relate the bitemarks to library infestation, but after inspecting my mattress and sheets and not finding any evidence, and considering the fact that I usually sleep in underwear, I

am pretty sure I was bitten at the library.

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Library spokesperson IS UNTRUTHFUL. A Freedom of Information request showed that there have been a lot of sightings reported in the various branches.

This was reported - in detail - in the Globe & Mail, December 13, 2011.

NEVER sit on a library chair!! I keep my library books in the bath when I am not reading them.

After reading on this site about bedbugs at the central library, I asked an employee at the information desk if there was an infestation. She hesitated a moment, then admitted that, yes a "few" bedbugs had been sighted. She did not seem overly concerned, even when I pointed out some facts about these pests. I thanked her for being honest. I will continue to check out books h, but I will never, ever sit down there again!

I frequently study at the library. I am a health care worker and frequently deal with people with bed bug issues, which has made me a bit paranoid about them as they are such a terrible pest and so difficult to get rid of. My vigilance for them seems to have paid off, because last night after I got home from a day at the library I found a bug crawling out of my laptop case. I immediately washed everything and thoroughly inspected my pack (which I put in a dryer on high heat). I found no more evi

dence, but my fear is that I may have taken some home another time... We'll see.

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The email response you received from the library is full of blatant lies.

How many homeless people sleep in library chairs? Its very sad but the truth is they often bring them in from the streets and SRO hotels.

Be cautious. Its time people were made aware of this problem and its time for the library to take action instead of lying to the public.

I went to the downtown library today and before I sat down I noticed bed bug casings and feces all in the corner of the seat part of the chair. I took a picture of it and let the library staff know about my little find. The woman I spoke to seemed quite concerned and took the chair away. All the chairs in the downtown library are fabric and wood, a perfect home for bed bugs. Anyways, look before you sit at the library.

I emailed the library to find out the truth, and here is the reply I received:

"I am happy to inform you that there is absolutely no truth to this bedbug rumor.
There is not now, nor has there ever been a bedbug infestation at the Central Library.
The incidence of single sighting at Central is also very low and attributable to book return or donation activities.
Staff at all locations are cognisant of and sensitive to bedbug concerns and protocols.
A couple of Branches have reported sight

ings but no infestation has developed.

Vancouverites are well advised to be aware of bedbugs in general, but the Public Library poses no particular threat.

I hope this addresses your concerns."

I'm not sure if it is possible to have "sightings" without infestation - those things lay eggs like crazy? I guess the best anyone can do is check the books before they take them out. I am not sure if this would work if there were eggs in the books, however..

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That's awful!
They should close the library down and spray until the problem is solved and it's safe for poeple to go in there again.
I can't believe management would know about the problem and do nothing and let people work and study there unaware of the risk of being bitten and worse taking bugs home with them.
I guess going to any public place involves a risk of catching any viruses that are going around, but bugs too...

i work at the library, and yes, it is infested.

we are discouraged from letting the patrons know. i always change as soon as i get home and wash my work clothes as i do not want to bring them home.

and we have heard stories of people bringing them home in books, but nothing i could substantiate. as far as the building itself is concerned, it is infested

I\'ve heard the library has had many bedbugs, and since the books can be returned to any branch, they spread. Check your books, cd liners, dvd liners and any other things you take home from the library. Otherwise you could infest your home. I would never sit on a library chair. They are crawling with bugs and other disgusting things.

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