340 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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lived at 340 cambie st. rooms for less than a year
infestation was so bad the carpet's seem to be alive,moving after a few minutes,upon closer examination -it was bedbugs!! (these things were actually
coming active even during the daytime!!-)considering
that these are nocturnal insects,
i had to basically throw all items into garbage.even
removed all body hair to be sure of removing eggs,larva,etc.fortunately at the time i was moved into a detox/treatment/recovery institution,awa

y from vancouver area.
my question is just how bad is this problem to date?
i am going to be moving back to vancouver and am nervous,have some bad anxiety concerning this.
This is troubling for me cuz Vancouver is my hometown-and i feel like this is an overwhelming problem maybe even unavoidable also.
i am on diability and can barely afford to be so vigilante etc.
any info,suggestions please

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