233 Abbott St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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OMG Just moved out of this building, BED BUG Central, i don't wish this on anyone, tried everything, freezing my clothes, fumigation, smoke bombs etc etc, ended up having to throw out all my mattress, sofa etc anything with cloth, yuckkkkkkkkk, i was a paranoid schizo everywhere i went always feeling itchy or bit, purged myself now, all new clothes, new furniture new apartment.
Violation by litttle bugs and lots of them.

I lived in this building in '04/'05 and had such a terrible infestation that I had to throw away everything I owned that I couldn't put in the dryer and move out of downtown. I believe that the infestation either came from a neighbour in denial or one of the many mattresses that was left in Blood Alley by the neighbouring rooming house.

The reason I'm posting now is that I see there was an infestation as recently as January of this year (2008), which goes to show that this issue needs to be d

ealt with very seriously or the problem will carry on for years.

FYI, I had the apartment fumigated 4 times and the treatments did nothing except make my place smell bad. Freezing or drying items to a certain temperature and then isolating them in sealed plastic bags was the only solution. That, and moving to a non-contaminated apartment.

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merry xmas 2007! i was away from my rental suite and returned a week before xmas to find out that there were now bedbugs in my place. my awsome landlord was right on it and had the property management group assign an inspection/ treatment of my suite. in the meantime, it was xmas holidays and i felt homeless as i didn't want to go back into the suite before the followup treatment, 7-10days later.
i was told that the neighboring suites were to be treated as well, which took about a week and man

y persistent inquiries. upon talking to one other tenant on the same floor, i learned that his neighbors to the other side had a bedbug problem earlier in the year which had not been reported to the management group.
it seems as though the problem (in my suite) is dealt with. i have no information about any other suites in the building.

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