180 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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This shabby hotel needs work.

The first room I had was next to the elevator, which made a lot of noise. It was a tiny room, all bed, hardly any floor space, and no drawers for clothes.

I called and asked for another room and they obliged.

It was bigger (still no dresser drawers) and farther from the elevator.

Called for room service: \"We don\'t deliver to your tower when it\'s this busy.\" Oh.

Went to cash traveler\'s cheques at the front desk. \"I have a small float. I can onl

y cash $100 today.\" Oh.

I woke up the next day with a couple of red bites on my side. The day after, more bites on my arms and hands.

I was sitting on the bed working on my laptop when a little mouse ran across the room. My final straw. I went down to the front desk to let them know. They offered me another room. I said I\'d look and see. It smelled horribly of cigarette smoke.

I got on expedia and got myself booked at another hotel (which was fantastic - Century Plaza Hotel and Spa).

I asked if they\'d received word of these problems before.
\"Well, definitely the mouse is a first.\"
(Meaning, yes, we\'ve heard of the bedbugs).
\"And I wonder how it got all the way up to the 11th floor?\" (This said skeptically, as if I was possibly imagining or making up the mouse?)
Also, \"Are your bites itchy?\"
\"Yes,\" I replied.
\"Well bedbug bites don\'t itch. They hurt.\"
\"Then perhaps your hotel has given me fleas.\"
(By the way, bedbug bites DO itch. These were definitely bedbugs.)

Sandman offered no rebate or anything at all for any of my troubles.

Incidentally, Sandman Hotel was close to GM stadium which had hockey games going on. So the whole hotel seemed jam-packed with loud, drunk men with their faces painted, carrying cases of beer, and making a lot of noise. If that\'s your thing, and you don\'t mind bedbugs or mice, or shabby surroundings, or being jammed in an elevator with drunk hockey fans, and don\'t need to cash traveler\'s cheques, or want room service, you will love this hotel.

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I spent 2 nights at the sandman hotel at room 507 on Nov 8 and 9. My son complained about bug bites on his hands and wrists. We thought it was mosquito bites but the shape of the bite was more like the shape of bed bug bites. I couldn’t think of bed bug at that moment. I went back home and I had a lot of bites on my arms, hands and neck. I had over 30 bites.

I also stayed in room 907 in September 2008 at the Sandman Hotel located on 180 W Georgia St. I woke up to find one in my bed the next morning. We found 3 more in the bathroom before we went down to the front desk to ask for another room. Beware of bed bugs in this Hotel. I will never stay in this Hotel again. It was horrible!!!

Also stayed at Sandman Georgia Street. Room 907 had bedbugs. Staff was not surprised about this at all and didn't do much to compensate. We switched rooms and we didn't seem to have any on the 9th floor for the second tower but BEWARE OF THIS HOTEL.

Please note the Sandman Hotel is at 180 W Georgia Street. Vancouver BC

I stayed at this establishment back in September 2008. I no longer have the room number, however, I stayed in the 'old tower' of the hotel.

I was settling in for the night (after a very long day) and noticed little white bugs crawling all over the nightstand when I reached ovcer to turn out the light. Having a close family member who travels the world over, I have been well educated on what exactly these vermits were...I looked on the bedding and saw that some of these white/clear bugs were n

ow larger and brown (obviously having partaken in a scrumptious meal - ME!)

I immediately went down to the manager and he switched my room to the 'new tower' - but I was so grossed out I didn't sleep at all and left the hotel the next day. They didn't seem all that surprised to see the bugs (as the manager had a desk guy come with me to the room), and also didn't seem very apologetic.

I am gald to have foudn this site!

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