1238 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B
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Unit 510 at 1238 Seymour Street

Infestation next door in 509 in October, i found one in my bathroom then, my place had been sprayed, units surrounding have been inspected, some sprayed since October but they continue to be found. My cat had some weird bites on him, which caused me to book an appt with the vet this coming Tuesday. This morning i woke up with a weird bite on my shoulder and face, couple days ago had two bites on my elbow, didnt think anything of it since a bed bug sniffing dog

had been in to my unit less than a month ago and didnt find anything. Tonight i go to wash my sheets, and on my pillow in the crack i find a live bed bug, fecal matter around it. Also found what i believe is a juvenile bed bug on my couch.
The building managers are trying to treat the units, are taking a proactive approach but their approach does not seem to working as the bugs are scattering as the unit they find them in are sprayed. Will find out tomorrow what they plan to do about this, not sure how many more are hiding in my unit or the surrounding ones. Almost a year later and the problem persists.

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I am renting a unit in the Space at 1238 Seymour and a couple weeks ago received a notice that there was a bed bug infestation in the suite next to mine and all units beside and above needed to be inspected. I was told there was no sign of bed bugs in my unit after the inspection, and that the unit next to mine was sprayed. I requested a follow up with the dog that can sniff out just one bug two weeks after the unit was sprayed, but did not hear back from anyone. The property rental manager requ

ested this to the property management but there has been no response that i am aware of. This leads me to believe that the unit was never checked again after being sprayed.

This morning i woke to find a bed bug in my bathroom sink, leading me to believe they are still in the unit next to mine and now coming through the pipes or cracks in the fixtures. I have kept the bug as evidence to show the property management company and inspector. Fortunately, i have not been bitten, but i am concerned for myself and my cat.

I have asked that they come deal with this today.

I fear people do not understand the severity of the issue. I am waiting to hear what they plan to do about this, but as it stands i am not impressed with how it has been handled to date. Whether more steps were taken or not after the infestation was found in the suite is not known to me as there was never any communication after the fact as to what was done, other than me calling the site manager and being told the unit was sprayed. Nothing further, no follow up to my knowledge.

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I'm the owner of the suite and just became aware of this issue. I had a tenant in the suite for 6 months and she near complained of bed bugs. The tenant wanted to break the lease agreement after 6 months. I informed her that there would be a penalty according to the rental agreement. Soon after that she complained of bed bugs.

I immediately called the pest control to come in and spray. The contractor said he did not see any signs of bed bugs. 1 Week later the tenant complained again about th

is issue. So I had a specially trained dog come in to local the problem. The dog did not find anything. The tenant insisted there were still bed bugs and demanded to be released from the lease agreement without penalty. I asked the tenant to catch a bed bug but she said they are too hard to catch. She never showed evidence of bed bugs. I release her from the lease agreement without penalty. I never heard anything about bed bugs again. I believe that this tenant was making up the story to get out of the rental agreement. The new tenants have been in the suite for 5 months and have near complained of bed bug! No one in the build has complained of bed bugs !!

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Please remove this untrue statement above.

In regards to unit 1210 at 1238 Seymour St.
Unit 1210 is free of bedbugs. The owner had rented the unit out to an individual who is believed to have brought the bugs with their furniture. The owner took every step to have the apartment free of bedbugs. He even paid for a bedbug’s dog to check all the units around including his own. It was found out by the inspector and the dog that the bugs were brought in with the furniture as no one in the

building had them except the tenant.

We do feel sorry for you, unfortunately like we said you have to dispose your furniture to be free of bedbugs.

The unit has been treated and is free of bedbugs since the infested tenant moved out.

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suite1210 on 1238 seymour st
the owner of the suite is so cheap that he does not want to spend extra money to have pest control. I know he is renting the suite still without any pestcontrol.
just be careful...

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