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July 19,2011
As soon as I entered the room, I spotted a couple of dead bugs on the floor, but didn't know what bedbugs were. I stayed for a little bit while thankfully sitting on a chair and left my bag zippered in a plastic bag on the table (which I always do wherever I go, because I don't want to bring home cockroaches or any other bug).I left the room, came back a few hours later, and saw a bug moving on one of the beds. A couple of minutes later I saw a few more. I googled bedbugs on my ph

one &took a couple of pictures as proof (in case the front desk agent didn't believe me) , and found it to be true that that's what these were. I went to the front desk & told him about it. He gave me a glue pad & paper towels to kill them with. Then I saw baby ones(almost translucent)on the other bed. I went back down, & while he did offer me another bed, it was already after midnight and I didn't want to wake anyone & kept thinking they were all over.I put my stuff in the fridge & went and stayed in the lobby until the next front desk agent came in the morning. I explained what I went through but didn't like the 'accusation' that I brought the bed bugs along with me --he didn't say it out loud but it was the way he worded it. It is not possible for me to have brought them with me when there were already adult & baby bedbugs present. I did get my money back. There are couple of very nice front desk people that have served me in the past.I have stayed there a few times & never spotted anything but a spider before this incident. Thankfully I didn't bring any back home & didn't get any bites, but it's true, you can't shake the paranoia of them out of your head after an incident like this.

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From July 20th to August 5th.
Two weeks we stayed, with no initial fears of bugs.
The first night my partner found a bed bug bite pattern on her hand (three bites in a linear row), we thought nothing of it as we slept with the window open and didn't know what a beg bug pattern even was.
Long story short after 12 days I started developing what I thought was a rash up and down my left arm. Day by day more lumps were showing up and the itching was unbearable. On my left arm alone I had (and sti

ll have) over 125 bites.
So we looked up the facts on these bugs and searched the mattress a couple times until we did find a disgusting cluster of them. Needless to say we were completely traumatized and immediately packed our luggage and pulled them outside. But not before finding one in one of our bags on our clothes and on my body.
We called on management, who seemed not to care at all and also swore at us for waking him. I showed him my bites and he just kept mumbling profanities. It was until the next night at 10:30 pm did they exterminate. We were not offered another room and slept on lobby benches as we didn't have a choice.
The next day of our supposed vacation, we spent the entire day washing and drying our clothing to rid of the bugs, on no sleep at all, sore bodies, and with waiting time in between as it was the hostel's priority to wash their linens. While we potentially hosted adult bed bugs and eggs.

Not only are we both physically scarred by this, but mentally I don't know when, or if, we will ever shake our paranoia. I have not stopped showering in scolding hot water, drying my clothes unnecessarily, ironing, and washing my sheets daily.

And my bites are never ending.

Avoid this place, not matter your budget. Don't travel if you can't afford better than this.

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