786 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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Anthony Peart
When I informed my landlady,although the lady part is debatable , She said "nice room " and scarpered without making any commitment .
So I waited about a week and called the city . The case was assigned and I presented the nice gentleman with a sample in plastic About ten weeks later Lynda ,who shawl I have two cans of pyretherine remain nameless I should not have gone to city hall as she was on it. It took a long time to strip the stuff from this room and Bugs Begone came and

sprayed a perimeter spray No one told the bugs and I found them up and down the wall and in every place a bug could get including my wallet Yesterday they came back for the follow up I disposed of the mattress and for some unusual reason the slumlord has not replaced mine and is unavailable . Something about not spending any money on the place.
A gentleman in Quest told me windex or rather ZEP brand work s
It does So does Knock Down X max way stronger than Raid . Now if I could only figure out why the Ly family is so clueless as not to jump on this problem right away . Mine is the only one sprayed and I am aware of three more rooms contaminated. They do not want to spend money but it will cost them more in the long run .They are Viet-chineese and have at least one property with built in herbivorium. Cause otherwise they seem to dumb to have acquired money This is only my opinion but I was once in the flower shop business and k now the symptoms .

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Mon 30 May 2011
Anthony Peart rm 14
I have lived here for a little over 1 year and until recently I have had no problem with bedbugs.Last week I spotted one and I heard that Iso propinol will kill on contact so I used 99% and found 5 dead bodies so far. I would appreciate any info as to how to proceed.I will contact the landlord and see what they have to say and Keep you posted as to their response .

Single furnished room on first floor presently has bedbugs and cockroaches (and I can hear a mouse inside the wall and ceiling). Though the Woodbine Hotel has been sprayed once for both bedbugs and cockroaches since I lived here, the bugs keep coming back.

Some people in this building just don't take showers -- they stink up the hallway and washrooms just by their very presence. One time I went into the washroom down the hallway and saw that shit had been smeared over the toilet seat and th

e walls. Someone apparently didn't have any toilet paper with him so he probably wiped his ass with his fingers and then wiped his fingers over the toilet seat and walls.

There are a lot of 'Pidgeon Park' type people in this building. The welfare bums have nothing to do but stay home and make a total nuisance of themselves, such as the idiot in the room above me. They have no job except being a snitch/informer for a private investigation company.

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