727 Keefer St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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I moved my bed, so as to hang something from the ceiling, and found one HUGE red bed bug. I crushed it and did not find any more. When I called the landlord to tell him he replied,"I don't know".
after a few words exchanged in this same "playing the duck" routine I explained that I would be getting my apartment dealt with but he needs to tell the other people in the building that they have them as I didn't have bed bugs before I moved in and suspect that they are in the walls / in my neighbour

s suites. I do not want to treat my place just to have the neighbours bugs come crawling in. This is a slumlord run building and I didn't expect much from the landlord so if you move here KNOW what your getting into.

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i was woken up each night for the last week to find large welts on my arms, back, legs and hands. this morning (january 2008) i found two bed bugs on my pillow. according to others in the building, i'm not the first to have this problem. the building manager gave me a can of raid and told me to spray my mattress and floor. no way. my landlord does not want to pay for a professional to come fix the problem.


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