609 Gore Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A

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A friend lives in this building and it is riddled with bed bugs. The bugs ended up hitch hiking to my apartment too. Property manager takes little to no responsibility for the problem - hires "professionals" who don't seem to be able to clear up the issue after multiple treatments.
In a building like this, with so many infested units and management unwilling to deal with the issue properly, I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding moving into this building at all costs. Bed bugs are a nightmare. And

the cheapish rent in this building is not worth it.

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This is a very old filthy building extensively infested with every kind of vermin, and parasite. The parasites can move quite easily throughout the entire building through it's old wooden structures, or also ride along on the bodies of the rat's, and mice, or thrive in the many pigeon nests scattered all around the exterior of the building where they embed themselves on the pigeon's to get transported to other buildings structures, and even grassy areas throughout the greater Vancouver area.

The owners, and management take little, to no, responsibilities to the the tenants, and the infestations they unfortunately must endure. Particularly the massive bed bug infestation throughout the building.

The owners find it easier to blame the tenants than take responsibility for their shameful lack of considerations in ridding, or just trying to control the extensive pest problems this building has, and has had over the years.

For many years most tenants have had to fight the infestation of the bed bugs, vermin, and other insect problems out of their own pockets to continue living in the building, or having any hope of moving to a better kept building pest free because the owners, and management just don't care enough to do anything worth while to address these issues.

Perspective tenants are not told of any issues, and find out the hard way after they move in that the building is severely infested, and by that time it is too late, and it will cost them a lot of money to replace furniture, clothing, and even their food stuffs if they wish to live with little to no pests.

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This apartment building is thoroughly infested. While it is manageable with regular pest control visits, the preparation for a spray session is sizeable.

There is no getting completely rid of bugs in a building as old and dirty as this one, just know that when you move here there will need to be big, heat-treatment steps needed to be rid of them when you move out again.

Woke up- Thought i had small pocks because i had so many bites.
Spoke to my landlord, he said it was my fault - when the bedbug guy came he said mine was the most minor out of the 6 suites he had looked at that day!
Got sprayed - had to get sprayed a second time to fully take care of the problem.

I moved my wife who has a mental health problem April 30/12 .saw wife may 6/12 covered in bed bug bittes manager said was a heat rash they spraid may 4/12

bed bugs everywhere, totally infested in the carpets and walls, buried in layers and layers of carpets and even after treatment no way to get rid them, impossible and the place is absolutely filthy

First encounter: March 2006.
Total infestation.
Sprayed once.
Replaced bed, linens and pillows three times in the last year and a half. Vacuuming bed every two days and still finding the odd one around.
Other apartments have been affected as well.

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