609 Gore Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A

Found 4 reports:

Woke up- Thought i had small pocks because i had so many bites.
Spoke to my landlord, he said it was my fault - when the bedbug guy came he said mine was the most minor out of the 6 suites he had looked at that day!
Got sprayed - had to get sprayed a second time to fully take care of the problem.

I moved my wife who has a mental health problem April 30/12 .saw wife may 6/12 covered in bed bug bittes manager said was a heat rash they spraid may 4/12

bed bugs everywhere, totally infested in the carpets and walls, buried in layers and layers of carpets and even after treatment no way to get rid them, impossible and the place is absolutely filthy

First encounter: March 2006.
Total infestation.
Sprayed once.
Replaced bed, linens and pillows three times in the last year and a half. Vacuuming bed every two days and still finding the odd one around.
Other apartments have been affected as well.

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