600 Vernon Dr
Vancouver, BC V6A

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I lived here in 2008 and switched apartments for a cooler one. When I switched apartments I started getting bites but didn't realize what they were until was already moving out. After speaking to other tenants, I found out that I was not the only that experienced them in the building. The landlord did not take the situation very seriously but I am not sure if he took care of the problem after I left or is even still employed there. I just wanted to share this because this building is meant to he

lp transition youth 16-24 years old to become more independent. Other than the bed bugs, the caretaker saying sexual remarks, having my apartment broken into, constant parties, and people pulling the fire alarm continuously, the program itself, was a good program. I just wish that the funders of this program took more interest in what really went on in this building. We should take care of our youth.

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