558 Keefer St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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I moved into this place in February 2012, though I have never actually slept there. Upon my first night of unpacking, I noticed that bedbugs were appearing from behind mirrors left from the previous tenant, the light switch, cracks by the baseboard, and travelling along the electrical housing. I soon thereafter noticed they had already made it onto my furniture. To say that it was horrific is an understatement. The building manager said he knew nothing of a bedbug problem. However, I discovered

that a treatment had been done one week prior to my moving in, as a "precaution," so the building manager said. After three chemical treatments, the problem persisted. I decided that the apartment was uninhabitable; they clearly had a major problem. I made arrangements for my own PCO to come in and ensure that my furniture could be safely moved without fear of taking bedbugs with me. I found a great company that actually warrantied their service for 3 months. What infuriates me is that I had specifically asked if the building had ever had problems with bedbugs and I was told no. This process has cost me two months rent for an apartment that I have never really lived in and $800 for my own PCO treatment. I had also invested about $200 in fittings to improve the apartment but left behind. In total, the apartment had 5 treatments during the 2 months I was there.

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