43 Powell St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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I stayed at 43 powellst hotel europe in jan 2012. shared bathrooms and kitchen rent only 500 a month. sounded to good to be true. bedbug and roachs are a huge problem here in every suite but thats the least of there problems what they dont tell you is the building is goverment owned so most of it is filled with junkies whos rent is paid for by welfare. so while im at school in the evening or one of my 2 jobs after school they are breaking into my place steeling my lap top. When you ask anyone if

they saw anything they threaten you cus there all in on it. If you go to the bathroom at nite you will sit to pee and find a heroin needle by your feet on a daily basis. Forget the manager he has Canser so he has is own problems and isnt around much. I think even cops are afraid of this place. i was talk to one girl in the building that was normal like me she moved in a few weeks before be and told be even worse stories. she has really bad bedbugs and gave them to a guy she was dating at collage and he told everyone she gave him crabs. this building will ruin your life. However it is a cool flat iorn building with a great lobby and a elevator filled with piss. so if some drops you off you mite feel cool. I left after 3 weeks i lost so much money there. But i met a girl out side that lives three doors down at 55 i found vancouvers best kept secret. for the same rent and same set up but only 18 people live there. its a regular building with only a steel door. 2 asian restaurants under the hotel. this place is privatley owned so no crackheads yay!! everyone in the building is under 35 and professional. Mainly waitress and up scale restaurants. best thing to do is write down your number and a little about yourself and out it threw there mailbox. I just want help someone else the way the girl i met helpt me find a clean safe place.

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My experience was back in 2007. I still have nightmares and panic attacks due to my experience at 43 Powell St. Months of endless fumigation's with no luck. The building is positively infested with bedbugs to the point of no return. It is not livable in my opinion. The bedbug's made life miserable. The very first morning I woke up in my room on the 4th floor, my entire body was itchy, red, and swollen. It took minutes to find multiple enormous bedbugs throughout the room and under my mattr

ess. The building manager at the time insisted I brought them with me and no one else on the floor had my bedbug problem. It blew my mind! I suppose he was just covering up the the ugly truth.
Avoid this building at all cost.

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Very bad infestation. I would avoid at any cost.

This place is throughly disgusting!! I have experienced the worst bed bug infestation ever!! furthermore, there I often find cockroaches crawling behind the mini fridge and closet areas. When I used the communal bathroom and laundry room I would find dead bugs everywhere. such a filty mess!! They advertise this dump on Craigslist many times... beware! I moved out after living there only one month , the worst experience of my life!!!

july 2010

Moved out because i started to notice small blood stains on my sheets. Then i would find hollow casings of bedbugs around the edges of the walls where it meets the carpet.Also i would find the ocassional bedbug wandering across my floor. I did my best with sprays and tried silicone to seal off holes and seams but they kept coming back.This building is run by affordable housing so thats why no one has reported on here yet, they can't afford a computer.There is a sign in the lobby by

the mailboxes warning people that due to the last bedbug infestation no furniture will be provided for your rooms..The rent is cheap the location is great but you will always have "roomates" ....Mahogany Flats!! a.k.a bedbugs

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