404 Hawks Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A

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Stay away from this building and any Atira run building...there is one room after another infested with bedbugs yet they do not treat the reports with much action. They have a monthly "inspection" which consists of a 3 second glance into the room. Coming from experience the general attitude is well yer kinda "shit out of luck" or disbelief that tenant has the intellect to determine whether or not the billion bites they received were/could be bedbug bites. There is huge visual bugs in the bath

rooms on all levels and yet there is no spray held on hand for staff or any resident to use if they have encounters with the bugs. They do not monitor the hoarding done by some of the residents nor is there any precautionary measures for new tenants coming into the building or what new or present tenants haul in off the street. I have seen them treat 2 individual rooms while many many others have put in complaints requesting help...dont get me started on the rodents that either are caught in multiples daily from the tenants(the ones that actually care of the vermin running through their beds and clothes) or the constant scurrying through the ceiling and walls. The building is run by a total cunt manager (be patient she's new...new at being a douche? doubtful..)Other then a small handful of women that I feel do care and its because they too had at one time suffered a set back as many have that live there now. However the general attitude is that somehow any person in this unfortunate economic demographic deserves to be treated without any standard of a health code
This place is a great place to work if you feel beating your children or the family dog might alert the wrong people for it seems like anything goes in regards to contributing to sub human living conditions or treatment of lower then poor single woman. This complex should be featured in the next "hostel" movie where the middle class uneducated gets to torture the poor..Run from atira run run away

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