400 Campbell Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A

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they shouldnt have kids in that building, YES KIDS SHOULD ONLY RESIDE IN THE OUTSIDE TOWN HOUSES> also the kids UNDER 10 should sue bc housing or just fire mangr.!! everyone older than 10 can survive there caouse thier immunity can handle it.

The building is infested with bed bug$, roache$, $ilverfi$h, and lice!! Save your health n stress from renting here.
We are elders with disabilities.

I have lived in this building for 7 monthes. I am a super clean person and my suite has bed bugs and cockroaches.i had to throw stuff out cause of it. It is so gross and something needs to be done about it.

that's bull. i live in 306. our apt is not infested. whoever this guy or bitch posted this.. b.s.

The man or the lady at the top is an idiot for beginning to lie about this building!! It is infested, The entire building has silverfish, bed bugs, cockroaches and lice! They are trying to get rid of this issue. It may take MANY YEARS TO DO THIS AND HAVE EVERYONE FOLLOW THE STRICT PROCEDURE. Otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING!! Especially if you have family (children and elders) or just everyone period!! Please for your own safety and health. It isnt worth the stress, your health or your j


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june 26 2011

Well i've read that there are lots of bed bugs. But never experienced having bed bugs on my bed living in this building.

As a matter of fact i have to say, tenants have to be clean in order to avoid this bed bug issue. You have to be uunlazy and comment negative abiut this building and tell everyone to stay away. (idiots).

One solution to this problem is to ensure you have ultra sonic sound device made for repelling roaches and bugs. That should solve he problem

The whole highrise is infested with bedbugs,roaches,silverfish and lice! Low-income,but stay away!

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