321 Railway St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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On June 1, 2011, a long time resident of this building, 321 Railway Street, confirmed in passing on Water Street that they were absolutely certain, and had witnessed complaints and some pest treatment, for an infestation of bedbugs on the second floor of Railway Street just 'a few years ago'.

I am the building manager of 321 Railway St and the bed bugs in this building are in 108 and the tenant has not been helpful in allowing Rossmore in eradicating the pests. We have done a number of treatments thus far but the tenants refusal to remove clutter and properly prepare the suite is making it difficult to treat properly.
This tenant didn't inform management of the problem that was introduced in Sept 2010. A part time tenant finally informed myself, the manager in Feb 2011. Since then w

e have done 2 sprays and steams and a full heat treatment. We will continue to combat this with the help of Care Pest. We are diligent in making sure the problem doesn't migrate into other suites and common areas and are constantly checking with dogs that are trained to sniff out problem areas.
This poster has also attempted to destroy the reputation of another building on Railway St that the manager takes care of. There are no bedbugs in this building at 329 Railway but the libellous and defamatory postings will be pursued by the owners of that building.
Do not rent from suite 108. Management and Rossmore continues to treat the suite and will eradicate all bedbugs from the suite.
There are NO part time tenants or subletters allowed and you will lose any money paid to the tenant if you attempt to rent from the tenant of 108.

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According to pest control personnel (CARE), Railtown Studio 111 had a heavy infestation in early to mid-2011. The north wall of Studio 111 has been of considerable ongoing concern -- though some have said inadequate treatment. In the spring of 2011, a number of tenants became so worried about the landlord's (Reliance) reticence to check all the suits for bedbugs that vacancy rates have even been higher that usual.

The building was an old refrigerated fish-packing plant with extensive conduits

and cracks in concrete that were never adequately sealed -- easily linking large parts of the building.

The north sides of the third and fourth floors had an outbreak in roughly 2007 and 2008.

Railtown Studios is adjacent to another live / work building, 329 Railway Street, that had a huge infestation in 2010 that may continue.

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Moved in as a rommate into unit 108 at 321 Railway Street. Turns out the main tennant has been keeping a bedbug infeststion secret for a few years now. He will wait till you have paid rent and signed a rental agreement with him before he mentions the possibility of a few random bedbugs lurking around the unit. Do not sit or sleep on the "divan" in the main area of the loft. It is infested and you will be bitten. Ths means you will also carry any random eggs and hidden bugs with you. Exterminator

s have visited the place, but the main tennant refuses to follow the exterminators instructions. The infeststion has spread to the next unit. I was "evicted" by the main tennant for notifying building management. Don't rent from the guy in 108.

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