111 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6A

Found 3 reports:

multiple units infested in this building!
management useless to solve it.
they have been informed but nothing happen to bring the pest control company. they only wash the carpets

Moved into unit, found multiple bites within two days.

Date: June 29, 2010

I moved in to unit 101-111 E Pender St. in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 26th, 2010 and found multiple bed bug bites on my body the night of June 28th, 2010. I am moving out tomorrow and informing all my neighbours that my unit is infested. I captured a few of them to prove to the land lord that the unit was, and still is, infested.

The infestation must have been really bad for me to have found them all over my things, within 3 days. The land lord neglected did

not say anything about there having been bed bug, although this might explain why she didn't ask for references or make me sign a lease, and seemed overly eager for me to move in right away.

Don't move into this building!

see full report...

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