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Hello to eveyone and anyone...
It was the evening on Thursday Feb 2nd. I went to see where my homeless brother was living. It was so totally unbelievable there was bedbugs everwhere, on the floors on the walls just crawling everywhere, even with the lights on. My brother has scapes all over his arms. He said he can feel the bugs crawling on him at night when he's trying to sleep. This place is totally out of controll. I could not keep still because of continuiosly steeping on them.
I want to g

et my brother out of there but I CAN'T take him anywhere. I can't even have him in my car or home in total fear of getting the bedbugs.
PLEASE can ANYBODY HELP me and my brother?
What should or can I do?????????????

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We arrived in this hostel directly from the UK and having no previous experience or knowledge of bed bugs made no checks however became suspicious when we saw a number of bugs around and began to experience itchy bites.
When discussing the bugs with friends it seemed clear that these were bedbugs and our next checks confirmed that these were indeed mature bed bugs.
The staff at the hostel were extremely helpful and apologetic when we told them the news - they put our sleeping bags (which were

clearly infested) in the dryer and sprayed our bags with insecticide along with giving back the charge for 1 nights stay.
However after this we still experienced MANY bites and have had to spend a significant amount of time and money eradicating the bugs (hopefully this was successful! :-))
If you stay here be sure to do your checks before accepting the room

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