922 W 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z

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One of the tenant's in this building had a bad experience with flea infestation from a stray cat rolling around on doormat on common area. A responsibility of the landlord, but again another lazy-money grabber idiot. To make a long story short, flea infestation is just as bad as bedbugs. It can take months to have the problem cleared up. Of course, like all the other lazy landlords, this landlord pretended he didn't understand what fleas were, but yet admitted his dog had fleas b

efore. This landlord did not inspect the suite because he was afraid of taking fleas home and then his wife would freak out (pussy!!!). He did nothing about the problem. The tenant was forced to take care of the cost to try to have the infestation rectified and deducted the expenses incurred from trying to have the problem resolved from the rent. He put an eviction notice on her door (what a loser). How sneaky is he, well, he didn't even tell the tenant when the arbitration date was. The tenant found out on their own of the arbitration date. The tenant had doctor's report of the bites and fumigation reports to back up their side of the story. The tenant moved out and this went to arbitration. At the arbitration, the tenant found out the reason why he didn't advise of the arbitration date as he was trying to obtain a Order for Seizure of property . I guess he had his eyes on the tenant's new flat screen and furniture (what f## jerk!!). He played dumb during the hearing and advised that he had not seen any fleas, but yet he would not inspect the suite for fleas and would not reply to the tenant's request to take care of the cost. The end result, he ended up with the damage deposit, but could not get the rent money paid back, as the tenant had rights to sue his ass off.

I think there should be a site called "Loser Landlord's Addresses".

I learned the hard way regarding arbitration, but if you have any issues with the landlord don't wait to file a complaint at the arbitration office.

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