711 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z

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This hotel is the Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre. I stayed here on October 24 and 25, 2015 in room 1015. I was staying in Vancouver to help my daughter move out of her condo because she is moving to Europe. On the 25th, my daughter stayed in the room with me and was reading in her bed. She noticed a bug crawling on her pillow and killed it. She was concerned about what it could be and so started to look up information on bed bugs. When I awoke the next morning she told me that she thought it could

be a bed bug. I pulled back the mattress from the box spring on my bed and found several smaller ones and a couple of large ones in the edge of the top of the box spring. We lifted her mattress and found a few small ones. As I had been sitting on the bed with my clothes the night before I grabbed my clothes and put them in the bathroom sink and inspected them and found 1 small one on my clothes. We called the front desk and the housekeeping manager came up and looked at them and sent a housekeeper in with a steam cleaner. They offered to launder our clothes. We just wrapped our clothes in a laundry bag and left immediately.

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