500 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z

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Nov.29th to Dec, 3rd 2010
Stayed here and had loads of bites. Had to purchase new clothes, suitcases,shoes etc. Huge hassle not to take any back to my home. They denied any problems existed also acted very surprised and in disbelief. Now offering $300.00 and a complimentary nights stay after reno's complete. Replacement costs are double the offer of settlement and I wouldn't stay there again if they offered me a free year!! really really bad.

Stayed here and was eaten alive. All they offered me was 1 free night and admitted they had a problem. NEVER STAY HERE!!!!!

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Knowing that Vancouver has a growing bedbug problem, I extensively researched hotel options before deciding to book at the Plaza 500 hotel on August 31 2010.

Nothing online seemed to indicate that anyone had had problems at this location, but nonetheless after checking in, I dropped my luggage at the side of the room and began going over the bed. A few second

s later, I was face to face with my first ever bedbug.

I scooped the thing up in a tissue and brought it to the front desk, where they appeared shocked and said they'd never had reports of any problems. (But what else were they going to tell me, right?) They immediately offered to upgrade me to a different room, but I figured that if one room was infested, chances are so are others...so I declined their offer, and instead asked that they refund my money and provide a taxi chit to an alternate hotel, which they were willing to do.

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