978 E 37th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5W

Found 2 reports:

I bought the house, and had the place fumigated twice, by an exterminator. There was no evidence of bed bugs. Since then the place has been totally gutted and everything thrown out, with new flooring and rugs, top to bottom. The report was made by a previous tenant disgruntled at the landlord. Could you please remove us from the bed bug registry.

We had been getting bites since we moved, thought it was mosquitoes but realized it wasn't. Told our Landlord that we had bugs and to come inspect our place. Showed him the parasite we found and he confirmed it was a bed bug, said that he "had lots of experience with them". So waited and waited for him to call and let us know when he would spray the house and nothing for a whole month, until he wants his rent money. At which time he proceeds to tell us he is selling the house, with no care about

our health and well being. He has yet to do anything about the bugs and it's been 6 weeks. DON'T BUY THAT HOUSE IT'S INFESTED!!!!!

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