242 E 48th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5W

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I had been living there for 6 months. The place is not that bad. the owners are Cantonese couple living with their family upstairs. Their basement is new and clean. The only insect I saw was some spider outside of the basement. backyard in the summer was nice and warm heat in the winter time. Recently I moved to new place because the place was too small for me. But didn't have any sign of bedbug or insect inside my basement ( at least my suite ) They have another basement in the other side too b

ut I heard they lived well. nothing to complain about.

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Myself, and two others shared the basement suite this house for the year of 2012. DO NOT RENT! Upstairs or down...

THERE WERE SO MANY BUGS!!! Although there were no bedbugs while we were living there, there was an abundance of other bugs (ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, and slugs living inside the jets in the tub.

THE PLACE IS FALLING APART!!! The suite is poorly constructed, and within a year, over half the cabinet doors in the kitchen fell off, and none of the closet doors stayed on

. The doorknob for the second bedroom fell apart and locked me in the room. The kitchen floods every time there is heavy rain. It is also very dark, and damp inside.

THE LANDLORD IS INSANE!!! He opened our front door and walked into our house without any notice while my roommate was asleep. There is an extra room, with an exterior exit he hangs out in and chain-smokes. He dumped a pile of cigarette butts outside our front door. He steals things you leave outside. He has buried our laundry in the yard. He burns things in the backyard... The list goes on and on.


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not only are there bedbugs, but there are also an assortment of mice, rats, cockroaches, moths etc.

this place is a slum, run by a slumlord with an attitude problem and a god complex.

best to stay away entirely.

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