65 E King Edward Ave
Vancouver, BC V5V

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Moved in for brief period and was shocked to find horror movie-like proportions of bugs crawling about my body at night after three days' residence. We're talking dozens of bugs.

Landlord had exterminator "spray" the home one day previous. This proved remarkably ineffective, as the creatures went back to work without hesitation resulting in the aforementioned scream-inducing nightmare.

Home is seriously -- and I use that adverb with emphasis -- seriously infested. Landlord needs to take s

evere measures to reduce population, but appears unwilling to do so. Downstairs unit must be sprayed also, but tenet appears unwilling to cooperate. Perhaps he is breeding them in some sort of sick, perverse game of co-tenant torture?

A move to this house will guarantee that you are bitten by many sizes and varieties of bedbugs at all hours of the night.

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