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Vancouver, BC V5T

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we always check in at this motel...but in the morning of july 16th son woke up with a bite an being itchy my wife found a bedbug and killed it....i called the front desk and told him what we found and said show it to i brought the bloody linen and pillow..and he said to me there were 40 rooms rented and we are th only one i told him to move us at least to another room...or give us a refund...he says talk to the manager which he said to me right away Manager is

sleeping....the front office is very rude to us...

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January 23, 2011---1850 Lorne St

Spent some time upstairs with my neighbors in #204 and felt itchy, but thought it was allergies until I found a bug in the bathroom and blood on the bed sheets. Later I burst into what I thought was full body hives and went to the walk in only to be told they were bites.
I found one bug in my suite as well (#103) but only one so far? Not sure how bad things are, but building manager and landlord have been alerted.
So far, I am the only one that has notic

ed bites in both apartments.

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I lived on Quebec/27th in the Quebec mansions.
Apt 5.
found 1. got bit lots.
I\'m outta there!

I lived on Quebec/27th in the Quebec mansions.
Apt 5.
found 1. got bit lots.
I\'m outta there!

375 Main st V6A-2S9(corner of Main and Hastings) The entire building is having roving outbreaks due to the managements "spray only as needed" approach. I was told when I moved in that there had been "some" problems. But that it wasn't common.

Last summer I was bit a number of times in the last week of exams. This caused a weeks worth of sleepless nights and uproar to my studies. I bought Zip-lock garment bags and spent a sum of money washing everything I owned in clothing, the emotional upse

t was nasty too. Was bug free after the fourth spraying for about a month when I started getting bit again.

1) The management while being very active to get a company in to spray had only recently started to spray adjoining suites. And usually you still have to ask. They are not pursuing a "quadrant" spraying approach.

2) Recently the management has started to be inconsistent with posting notices to enter for BB treatment

3) Recently the manager of this building was caught entering a suite with no notice, nor waiting until the tenant answered the door. The reason given was "I'd completely forgotten they were coming today."

4) There have been some issues or questions to the quality of the work being done by the PCO, and its adherence to proper spraying protocols.

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1012 - 4th Street
New Westminster, BC

Have lived at this address for close to a year. We had some itchiness but were not aware that the the cause was bed bugs. Several tenants vacated their apartments all at once and we quickly found out that the whole building was infested. The landlord finally left a notice on our door that exterminators would be spraying our apartment twice (All has sent us in a real whirlwind with the preparation and huge inconvenience). We have found a new apartm

ent and will be moving in a week's time. Forfeiting our damage deposit to landlord for not giving a month's notice of our intention to leave is a small price to pay to get out of this hell we're living in currently.

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saw one on my bed

I asked the building manager if they had bugs when I viewed the apartment. He said the building had no bugs. The landlord called me 2 days before the first of the month to tell me that I can't move in until the 10th because they need to sanitize the apartment. I asked if there was an infestation and she said that the neighbouring suite has bedbugs and they're going to spray mine just in case. Then they called me on the 7th to tell me apt 203 has a severe infestation too, and that i couldn't

have it until Aug 1st, but that it probably still won't be ready.

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