730 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

Found 4 reports:

It only happened recently.

But i was covered in marks all over my body!
The manager doesn't seem to want to call this in and its getting annoying. and i know im not the only one with this problem. =,=

I am the author of the previous post and would now like to retract the previous post. Please be advised it was written soley out of genuine concern for public health.

I woke up to strange itching bite marks on my arms and neck. After researching it I discovered they are bed bug bite marks. I immediately contacted the building manager to inform him of what I discovered. He did not check my apartment for infestation but attempted to resolve the issue by spraying raid in my unit on the bed and baseboards. I do not believe this resolves the issue. I have discovered one bed bug alive during the day and one dead. The only other evidence of them are my multiple bite

s that are still healing.
I asked the manager if there are other cases in the building but he never answered my question.

see full report...

There are atleast 5 cases on two floors in the last 3 months.

No nearby bug reports