680 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Lying to tenants about bedbugs isn't even the half of it. The owner is the kind of guy who chains fire escape doors shut (check the parkade).

bed bugs and worst managed alcoholic russian managers. avoid this building

A better question is, can you trust this landlord to tell you the truth?

My question, "Is there still a bed bug infestation in this building?" (Dec 2009)

In the decade or so that I've been here, I never had a problem until the new “caretakers” came in about a year and a half ago. Incompetent is a word that comes to mind, conniving is another: When it comes to critical issues such as problems with a lack of heat in some apartments, problems with a lack of snow removal/ice for a steep car parking entrance (recently there was a predictable car accident), and not to forget, problems with bed bugs. As for the latter, a piecemeal approach was e

mployed prior to Tom's problems (see previous posting). In my mind, it was a guarantee that the bed bugs would stick around...

I do realize that there is a bed bug resurgence in North America, not to mention worldwide. And although in this case I was not directly blamed, it is a tactic employed by the “caretakers”, more specifically the woman (sorry ladies), in regards to other serious issues previously mentioned. The tenants are listening and talking: If the “caretakers” don’t want to learn how to do their job well, or if they don’t want to do it at all, it would seem that they are the ones who should move on. Until such a time, hopefully sooner rather than later, I do not recommend this building as a good place to live.

see full report...

This building had bed bug infestations in two adjacent units in 2008, the second appearing several months after the first. I was the resident of the second unit, but was not informed of that the other unit had been infested until after discovering bed bugs in my own unit. That said, there is no way to know the original cause of either infestation, or whether they were in fact related. The problem was erradicated with the cooperation of the landlord.

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