611 E 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I used to live at this apartment in 2007 and when i left, my apartment was infested with bedbugs, cockroaches and mice. The landlord was a total jerk, wanted me to pay for treatment, said it was my fault blah blah. It was one of the most terrible experiences of my life. I have another friend who moved out because of bedbugs in 2008, and recently heard yet another friend in the building now has them.

Just to prove the point that not all landlords are slumlords (like the owner, who's name rhyme

s with MASON...haha... or the realty company who manages the building), when i moved to my new place over a year ago... after two weeks i woke up and found a bedbug on my pillow. I called my new landlords right away and told them i brought the bugs with me. They said, 'no problem, we'll take care of it' and called CARE pest control, and the problem was solved, at no cost to me. It has been over a year and the bugs aren't back. This just makes me resent Jason even more.


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This is somewhat non-bed-bug related but I think it's worth posting here since a lot of people checking for bed bugs will also be interested in knowing of other icky things living in the building.

This building is infested with mice and the landlord doesn't do ANYTHING about it. He is totally neglectful of the building and doesn't listen to any of his tenants' concerns. Even when there were mice running through the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms of multiple apartments, the landl

ord completely ignored people's concerns and never followed up on the problem with any action on his behalf.

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May 20, 2008
There have been bedbugs on the first and second floors, I just had them in 105A. The landlord is refusing to pay, saying that I brought them in. The building is old, infested with mice, and I sincerely doubt what they say, especially since they did nothing for a week after I first told them (and denied the building ever had a problem! I had to complain again to the property manager). After that they told me to take care of it myself or I would be liable if it spread.

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