600 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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The report that says "my name is dean" was not written by me because i would not use my real name. I would be a really good guess that it is my 65 year old alcoholic neighbor with serious mental health problem that wrote that article. She has other articles here as well such as 'Rose" and "Lady with the cat". She has been sprayed for 2.5 years and it is my guess that she brings then home from the scummy bar she drinks at in the Downtown eastside. Yes the powder i had in my front door was a prev

entative measure so they would not crawl over from her door over to mine. So lets set the record straight

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Newest cycle of infestation here at BC Housing...

The city and provincial governments need to:

1)Set established guidelines for proper spraying. Make them a standard for the entire province.
2)Make these changes VERY public, so that landlords are not able to lie to tenants or get away with doing the least that they can.
3)That notices of entry for BB spraying need to have the times and dates for entry listed in advance. This forces the landlord and spraying Co to act on time to schedule,

and gives the tenant the exact dates for the entire course of spraying treatments.
4)That the medical establishment move to have the BB issue made into one of public medical health issue.

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This building still has lots of bed bug infestations. Oh, the stories I've heard. Bad management. Dirty. Try not to move here.

my name is dean and my unit has been sprayed several times for bedbugs,i have to put white powder by my door and vaccum all the time.

I've had bed bug treatments for 11 months. Only twice were all neighbours done as well. This is hell. Management is really bad at managing this problem. My manager doesn't know what he's doing.

we live at 600est 6th ave and this unit that we live in has been sprayed 26 times.After the last spraying the bedbugs have mutated and are stronger and more aggressive than ever.They are now out in the daytime and have bitten 2 people who have sat on my couch,The management here is extremly poor and practically none existing.The laundry room should be treated as well as steam cleaning of my unit and everyone else.Do not move here as it would be a big mistake,its very dirty here, the building and

the people throw litter, papers and plastic bags its so gross.Wish us luck so one day we can move out of here.

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i live at 6oo est 6th ave. and have been sprayed 25 times and also steamed 5 times in the last 2 years this has cost me alot of money and stress that is so insane that i almost had a nervouse break down. Please try not to move here its like living in hell.

I've been through months of treatments by CARE Pest & Wildlife Control. Some treatments have been about 5 minutes. I'm tired of these treatments. I suspect it'll be a year and I will still be fighting this. So many apartments are 'infested' here.

Do we need our laundry room treated often? Once in all the time I'm aware of doesn't seem to be working.

This place is infected in multiple appartment in the 3 years that i've been here. Although they do spray everyone that asks there have been people that have had many sprays over a 2 years period and they keep coming back.

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