555 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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This is a response by the owner.

The post above was made by an anonymous person and is not true at all. We have never had any issues with bedbugs in any of our suites.

When bedbugs were all over the news in the summer of 2009 (especially out on the East coast) we posted a notice to our building of 45 tenants to be careful of infestations. Our notice gave information about bed bugs and never indicated that we had an issue. We were advising our tenants that it would cost a lot of money

and time if just one person brought in a bedbug problem that could affect so many more people in our building. We did say that the tenant will be responsible for any costs incurred if there is a problem because this is a matter of personal hygiene if one out of 45 suites had a problem all of a sudden

We had wrote to the Bedbug registry to clarify this last year and had not received any response.

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This building has had serious bed bug problems and is continuing to have problems. The landlord has posted a note that they will not pay for any spraying. This is ridiculous. Considering adult bed bugs can live up to 18 months without feeding. Do not move here. The landlord is half way to a slum lord. She rarely fixes anything. Has her handyman enter suites without notice. There are serious mold problems in suites, which she does not fix. She is trying to move everyone out (by refusing to fix pr

oblems) then half ass renovating (paint & new kitchen floors) and ups the rent by $250-$300. The "renovated" suites may look good but beware.

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