514 E 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Have had bed bugs since we moved in, Trying to control them. Threw away alot of our wooden furniture. Bought metal bedframes, etc. Still occasionally get bitten. Now just sitting in the living room doing homework and had to kill a cockroach that was climbing up the leather couch. Management doesn't do anything nor does he have the means to do anything about either matter. Time to move!

21/08/10 ..

I've never been bitten so I never thought anything of it. Neither has my room mate. However a friend thats stayed over the last week has had many bites, And found one and followed it this morning to about 5 more. Will try fumigating, And or probably move. Have never seen a roach though. Disgusting! And totally not cool if everything needs to be thrown away.


Today I woke up to ELEVEN bites all over my left shoulder & back.

No tell-tale signs of infestation, no corpses, shed skins or any active bugs I can find. I'll be searching everywhere for hours today....

I passed out drunk @ 4am, with all the windows & the patio door open, so they probably came from upstairs or downstairs, attracted to my reek.

Now I am entirely paranoid, about my open clothing baskets and all of the couchs & bedding. I hope I don't have to throw eve

rything away.

This is another ghetto east-van fraser building. Don't expect building management to care, or pay for anything. They would probably evict for withholding rent due to bugs.

Don't live in any of these large buildings from 5th to 8th, unless you are resigned to roaches & perpetual beg bug scares.

see full report...

We found them in our apt this is after living here for about a year or so. So far finding one has only occurred once. But we found some in our room also. We live on the 3rd floor so it could be from below us who knows. just wanted people to be aware of this place and this disgusting bug that inhabits this building. Also there is cockroaches here too we had the pleasure of finding out in the summer.

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