456 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

Found 3 reports:

It's been a couple months since I found them and though I'm not certain I'm in the clear things have been dealt with.

While it may have took a bit longer than I would have liked the manager arranged the spraying. The pest control man was very informative and answered all my questions.

All in all not too bad aside from the cost of all the laundry and time off from work. But that's what has to happen.

Fingers crossed!

After noticing bites over the last month or so I went looking and sure enough found them. It just happened so I'm in the process of removal. I will post again after.

We have found bed bugs in our apt. at 456 E 8th. We we're treated once for the nasty critters and asked by the exterminator to get rid of %50 of our belongings before he treated the problem again in two weeks. (broken heart) We did exactly that and since then more the landlord or the pest control company will return our calls.

No nearby bug reports