425 E 11th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Moved in to this building and not only was the apartment infected with bedbugs but also mice and cockroaches. The bedbugs were the worst.
Got absolutely no help from the owners or managers.They denied ever having heard from anyone that bedbugs were in the building.
I had to move out on doctors advice,then to top it off they were taking my rent out of my bank account and after I moved they continued to take money out of my account. Here I was renting in a new building and the owners of 425 E.1

1th Ave. was still taking money out of my account They are very cruel,insensitive people They are total SLUMLORDS never ever move in here.

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Been Living in this building for a few years. Then throughout the summer of 2007 we were getting bitten all night long.
I saw a bunch of thrown out mattresses, box springs and couches out by the garbage and saw tons of bedbugs on them.
I tore our bedroom apart and sure enough found them everywhere.
I told the woman who is the manager and she told me they had never had bedbugs and did not know what I was talking about,which I knew was not true because of all the infected furniture out at the

I was told if I thought I had problems she would get someone to spray some Raid.
I knew that would not get rid of them and after getting no satisfaction from the manager I had to spend $365.00 of my own money to get it done by a professional. This is this apartment blocks dirty little secret that the owner will not even talk about.

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Moved in and about 4 days later started getting bites. Probably had about 50 bites in three days. Found 5 bugs in the box spring and mattress and told the landlord that we needed someone to come spray. She denied ever having bedbugs in the apartment before and accused me of bring them in, which is highly unlikely since I had never had a bite until I moved into the place (and moved from an area that is not known to have many cases of bedbugs). She was quick to get an exterminator, but again o

nly will spray my apartment and not any neighboring units.

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