423 E 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I moved in in the summer time and out in less than 6 months. I heard all the stories in the building and was terrified. I learned of the first couple with a young daughter as I passed the guy in the garage dumping all of his belongings. This was on day two in the building. On day one water starting coming out of the walls in the kitchen and low and behold the landlord was nowhere to be found. The front door lock was always busted and several units broken into on a constant. Add the noisy cra

ck addicts across the street and you've got a dream place. Just to ice the cake; I was convinced to go on a Direct Withdrawl from my bank account for mine and my roommates rent and asured when I moved out it would be cancelled. I'be spent the last 10 days dealing with the slum lord and getting the run around to get my $ money back and get them to pay all of my nsf fees from my bank and current landlord who probably now thinks me to be deliquint. Never move in here.

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At the moment I'm irritable, tired and worried and my arm is itchy with welts all over from lost sleep last night since I discovered theirs a small bed-bug infestation in my apartment. At first I thought it was mosquito bites, since I left the bedroom window opened at each nights. Then afterwards, I left the bedroom window closed and ran a fan each night for weeks ongoing until this morning I would still discover itchy bites on my arms and it was getting worse. It was then, I thought of the wors

e to come and I didn't think it would happened to me so I lifted up my bedroom mattress and there before my eyes, I saw the bedbugs under the mattress and I quickly rushed to the washroom to get some toilet paper to crush them. For the time being, right now I googling bedbugs to death on the web and I'm being vigilante on finding ways how to get rid of them and I'm also looking forward to moving out of this dreadful place soon.

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just moved in about a week ago on May 31st, husband had a strange bite the next morning (three in a row), wasn't sure what it was. Over the next couple days he became completely covered in these bites--neck to toes! And then we began to find the bugs! Our one-year-old daughter and I seem to be bite free---now we are throwing away much of our newly bought things, spending a fortune on laundry/bags/cleaning and waiting for an exterminator that "might" be coming according to the landlord! Complete

and total hell in addition to an expensive suite that was completely filthy and unfinished when we moved in--when we were told everything would be replaced and clean. We have never experienced anything like this, and our neighbour tells us they've had them for a while! Isn't this something we should've been told before we moved in?!? Now our daughter has been sent to the island to stay with her grandparents and we have to stay elsewhere because we don't even have a fit home to live in anymore!

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