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"Chokingonthefumes" is lying, as I've lived here for years and ever, ever, seen them spraying any sort of chemicals as described. The building managers are pretty much obsessive when it comes to maintaining the building. As soon as there is any issue -- elevator issues, fire hazards, people letting strangers in, etc -- they send notices to everyone. Never heard of a bed bug problem.

This building has constant bug issues, bedbug and otherwise. To control it they spray insecticide in the hallways almost daily. I'm not sure if that gets rid of the bugs, but it is good incentive for me to move out.

there are bed bugs in the building. not from used furniture but infestation. of course they want to keep it quiet. be careful. itchy and fed up.

The previous poster is full of crap. I've been living in this building for quite a while and these people are all over everything, providing you bring it to their attention.
People bring furniture in to residences that they find in the alley or buy at garage sales, and they bring the little bastards in with them, then piss and moan. Every unit that has had bugs in this building has contracted them from this manner.

I want to offer a positive ending to my previous tales of bedbug woes in this location. Thanks to the landlord's diligence, I've been able to sleep peacefully again and I have now not seen any trace of bedbugs in over 3 weeks.

This was the first go-around for these guys in dealing with bedbugs, and my place was fumigated twice (as is standard practice), and by the end of the first week after having been fumigated, I hadn't seen any living bugs or any trace of them since.

I wanted to make

sure to post this because often times people will only come on this site to criticize and complain, but I wanted to be fair (as I had, in my previous sleep-deprived posts, been a little harsh). The landlords here are wonderful, caring people and are also very vigilant on anything that happens in this building. For what little rent this place costs, the managers of this building (who also live here) take extremely good care of it, and bedbugs can happen to anyone, anywhere.

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Itchy&Bitchy: I'm feeling like moving too, and I've also washed and dried all my clothes at the hottest temperatures and bagged them up and kept them as such. I've been talking to people and one recommendation for paperwork, photo albums, etc. is to freeze them. Most people don't have freezers big enough to do many at once, but I plan on doing that and then putting the contents into labelled, air-tight transparent plastic containers.

The effectiveness of freezing is debatable .. these creatu

res have an amazingly frustrating ability to survive nearly everything:


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About a week ago, I was lying in bed reading with the light on and noticed something crawling on my white duvet out of the corner of my eye. I'd been aware of the presence of bedbugs in suite #111 downstairs (I'm on the second floor), and I immediately informed the landlord, as my suite had been previously inspected when they were dealing with #111.

The landlord made arrangements for fumigation, and gave me a checklist of duties to perform for before and after the fumigation. In spite of dil

igently following all the prescribed items, I found about 10 still-living, well-fed bedbugs still visible on my mattress/boxspring, and I shudder to think at the amount which are burrowed in my mattress. Tonight, two days after the fumigation, I found about 4-5 hiding in the seam closest to where my pillow is located.

I bought this mattress/boxspring set brand new in February, at great expense (over $1000) in spite of being on a limited budget to avoid this very kind of incident. I had previously lived in this building and knew they ran a tight ship as far as cleanliness, tenants, etc, so thought they'd be on top of this sort of thing, but the more I talk to the landlord, the more his ignorance/hesitation to fully assume responsibility shines through. I feel somewhat trapped because: a) throwing away the bed wouldn't necessarily solve anything; if they're still hiding out in the walls or elsewhere in my suite any new bed I buy will just be another trough b) buying a mattress/bedspring cover would probably help, marginally, though from the research I've been doing it sounds like it would only really help eliminate the ones that are burrowed in the mattress. They can also live anywhere else close enough to sneak back at night to feed on us. They would probably be easier to kill on a mattress cover, but should I have to dish out the hundreds of dollars I don't have to buy one because of this mess? It doesn't feel at all fair.

The one positive is that the bites don't seem to affect me as much as some in the other horrible pictures/stories I've seen. That said, the psychological toll has made me lose lots of sleep as well as the paranoia that they are everywhere and in spite of my best efforts, I'll never be fully rid of them. Even if fumigation were to work, what if some other new tenant arrives and brings a fresh batch? Likewise, if I move and have even one amongst any of my possessions, it would be all for naught.

I've had a grand total of about 20 hours of sleep over the past 6 days or so, and my patience is wearing thin, especially as I continue to discover more in spite of the horrible fumes and tainted air left behind by the spray. These things are obviously well adapted and have survival capabilities up there with rats and cockroaches.

Should we begin sharing our suite numbers and perhaps have some kind of meeting to see what sort of action we could take as a group?

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I'm freaked out! I've lived here 7 1/2 years and everything has been fine but about 2 weeks ago I was bitten in the night and since then have had about 8-9 more bites. None have healed yet. I have disassembled my bed and see no signs of bugs but something is getting me and I am scared this is the start of something big. I am very itchy everywhere not just at the bite sites.
I am going to buy a product called Kleen Green and douse my apartment and furniture with it and hope that I can nip this

in the bud. I will also be talking to the care taker to see if anyone else has complained and see if there is anything he can do... I think I'll mention this site to him! BTW Does anyone know if landlords have a legal responsiblilty to take care of this kind of thing? It's going to be costly and time consuming not to mention the mental anguish and @#%*'ng itching.

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I used to live in this building and discovered bedbugs in spring 2008. Several treatments were done and I threw away a lot of furniture. I was bug free for months.

Fall 2008 I found one bedbug and had another treatment done. I thought there were bugs elsewhere in the building but the management told me I was the only one who ever complained. I decided to move shortly after this.

When I moved I threw away many pieces of furniture. Everything I took to my new apartment I cleaned and inspecte

d. I have not see or felt a bedbug bite since I moved.

I suggest you move too. It is a very nice, well maintained building. The management is very hardworking but I don't think they are dealing with bedbugs properly.

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I live in one of the units and have seen bedbugs in my unit. There have been couple treatments, but these bedbugs keep coming back. I even get rid of all my furniture when I first discovered them, but the problem is within the building. It's been over a year now, I still saw two the other day. Watch out! They are really hard to get rid of. I know other units have same issue too. Be ware!

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