324 E 13th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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My brother and his girlfriend moved into suite 210 in this building on March 1st, 2011. The landlord had not mentioned anything about bedbugs but while we were moving everything into the appt we noticed some bug traps. When I looked in the traps I saw bedbugs in all of them. I immediately called up the landlord, who when asked said that the place had a history of bedbugs but because we didn't ask, he wasn't legally obliged to tell us. He seemed really uninterested in the bedbug problem, saying t

hings like "5 star hotels around the world have bedbugs" and "other suites in the building have had bedbugs before and those suites were treated. Some of those suites haven't had a problem since".

We immediately moved everything out and my brother ended up sleeping on my couch. We are in the process of talking to our lawyer so that we can get our application deposit back. Part of the BC Tenancy Act states that a property must be fit for occupation. The presence of live bedbugs would be in violation of that act and so we should be able to get our money back.

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Found bedbugs throughout the apartment this September(2009). The company came once to spray. The second time they said that all of them were gone even though they were shown one that was found a few days before they came back the second time. They said to go back to living life as normal and that they will come back if there is another infestation. They don't seem to be very thorough, nor interested in really getting rid of the problem.

Several suites had bed bugs in the Fall of 2008. To my knowledge, all the suites involved were adequately fumigated and the bed bug problem is gone now. My suite was one of the suites involved and I must say the problem has been resolved. I haven't seen a bed bug since and I have no plans to move out.

What a nightmare. I lost everything and it turns out the landlord knew all about the bedbugs. That's why the tenant before me moved out. But, unless you ask your landlord pointblank "does this apartment have a history of bedbugs", he/she doesn't have to disclose this information. I can't remember what suite number I Iived in, but it doesn't matter. When the pest control lady came by to confirm, she mentioned that I was the the third suite in this particular building to complain about bedbugs du

ring that month, which was October 2008. Stay clear away from this building!!!! And remember to always ask about bedbugs before signing a lease!!!!!

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I found a few bed bugs in my apartment. Source unknown.

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