2902 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Bed Bug Alert at Pinky's laundromat on Main St.

7 pm: noticed 5 bed bugs on top of 3 top-loader machines. Unfortunately after I'd already started my laundry. I pointed out the bugs and they handed me a cloth to wipe them off!!

But they nicely cleaned them off with the cloth for me when I refused. Well, too bad for me I was washing wool in a cold wash. After I'd obsessively wiped down the washers a second time with disposable paper towel, I loaded all my laundry into my rubbermaid contain

ers - keeping the one load I'd washed w/cold separate - and hauled them off to a laundromat in Kits. I made sure to dry everything for 20 minutes on hot, except the wool which got washed again.

I'm sure the wash cloth that took those bedbugs off my machines is still sitting next to the sink in the laundromat.

MORAL: always, always check your machines first!!!Or, use the front-loaders.

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