1286 E 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

Found 2 reports:

Moved into this apartment two weeks ago and within 24 hours I saw the first bug. I called the landlord immediately and told him that not only were there bugs, but that he had lied to us when we first saw the place by saying that there had never been any problems with pests in the building.

While on the phone, he told me that the place had been sprayed twice within the past month. However, that obviously hadn't done the job since the bugs were still here. He finally agreed to have someone come

one more time after saying over and over that the treatment is too expensive.

When the fellow did come, he had no credentials and didn't send us any preparation instructions about how to protect our things. We doubt his legitimacy.

We are moving out and will have to get another company to come, at our own expense, to spray down the place and our things one more time. We will probably have to throw a good deal of our stuff out.

Avoid this building at all costs.

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Moved into the apartment and 10 days later woke up with bites all over my entire body. The place was completely infested, even the exterminator told me it was bad!

The other units have not been treated, so please, do yourself a favor and NEVER move into the apartment building on the corner of 12th and Clark!

There were also cockroaches in my unit, and the exterminator has been to the other units for mice and fleas as well.

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