1130 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T

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What an interesting report on this building. Do take this with the proverbial grain of salt. The pest problems mentioned were localized in a few suites of very long term tenants, whom the owners worked with to bring in a reasonable standard of housekeeping, as stated in the Rental Tenancy Act.

After numerous complaints from other tenants about the behaviour of tenants and conditions of these suites, unfortunately these tenants were asked to leave, two with mediated conditions from the Rental

Tenancy Branch.

The remaining tenants have stated their satisfaction with the condition of the building and the proactive stance of the owners.

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This property has rats, mice, bedbugs and the greedy owners keep jacking up the rent each year since the original owner passed away a few years ago. The current landlord is gossipy, nosy, manipulative and over-steps her boundaries regularly. This has resulted in a lot of long term residents getting evicted. DONT RENT HERE!!

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