7915 Knight St
Vancouver, BC V5P

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July 23/15.

This building is disgusting always have nice come fall. Landlord has been renovating in the suite above mine I kept finding dead bugs everywhere as if they have been spraying. I am moving out in three days the landlord asked to view the suite to inspect it in the beginning of the month which I thought was odd. When I asked why no response. Now three days before move my daughter woke up with ten welts all over her body in a row. The landlord is being rude and refused to

get a professional in until he assessed the situation. I spoke with a professional exterminator told me you cannot see them this early so I am paying for a dog to come in as the landlord is not helping. I'm moving in two days need to deal with it. Highly recommend staying away from this building between the mood mildew move and now bedbugs not safe for living.

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November 15th 2012 Just found bed bugs the other night. I can't sleep anymore and need to get out of this apartment! Don't move here...

Found bugs in August, landlord refused to treat suite. Prior to that we had the suite treated 3 times. Multiple suites infested.

the building owner MOLLY LOUIE does not care about the buliding only the money she scams out of innocent people just trying to find a place to live, everything is broken or is breaking, they never fix anything when they say they will, that is if you can actually get them to say there going to fix something, the whole building is terribly infested with bedbugs and she will never reimburse you for the money you have to spend from your OWN pocket to accommodate yourself while the suite is being tr

eated, never consider living here unless you want never ending problems an hassles or you like little bug biting you while you try to sleep

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I had my suite treated three times and there seems to never be an end to them, numerous suites in the building are infested as well. They are unlivable conditions.

the infestation in this building is so unbearable for anyone to live with, stay as far away as possible of this building or you will strongly regret it

It is a never-ending large infestation in this building.

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