3150 Knight St
Vancouver, BC V5N

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My partner and I moved into this apartment in October of 2008. When we first looked at the unit, there were many issues in regards to the condition and the lack of maintenance of the entire building.

My partner and I were sitting on our bed one evening. I had gotten up to leave the room for a moment when my partner said "What is that?!" I looked down at exactly where I was just sitting and there, was this tiny bedbug running for cover.

I collected the bedbug for proof of infestation and th

en later informed my neighbour from downstairs of what had happened. I had started speaking to her about the three (3) mice I had caught in one single day (and with no traps). I then told her of the bedbug encounter when she gave me a grave look and said nothing. I had thought she was angry or disturbed by the news so I asked her if she had known if they were there? She replied "I get devoured by them" and then continued to educate me on bedbug reproductive habits.

I later called the City of Vancouver as well as the Residential Tenancy office. I had an city inspector visit the building and the landlord was ordered to have numerous repairs undertaken as well as have the infestation terminated by a register pest control company.

We had had other encounters with them since we moved in six (6) months ago but suffice it to say, it looks like we're leaving before they are. We left offically April the 20th 2009 and I can give full details if you would be like. You may reach me at thats.fcuking.sick@gmail.com. My name is Jesse.

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