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We have bed bugs in our suite. We've found the building manager in our unit, when he had given us no notice... On more then one occasion! Once he let himself in to our suite (no notice again) but I was home, and had just gotten out of the shower. He seemed surprised and embarrassed to see that I was actually home, but continued with his business anyways and looked around our bathroom without my permission, despite me only being in a towel! There's a crazy, scary, homeless caretaker dude who I've

seen hiding on the third floor of the staircase watching people come up and like laughing and talking to himself. The roaches are CRAZY. I don't cook anymore because I'm scared to go into the kitchen. And Abe (the building manager) totally knows about them too. When we moved in he was very specific about us needing to clean behind the fridge and stove before moving out, and that's where all the roaches live.

Bedbugs are one of the MANY problems you will encounter if you rent in this building. Personally I find the roaches to be more disturbing, but that's because I see them more often I suppose. GROSS.

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Not only does this building have bedbugs (probably from
The homeless guy they let move into the underground parking). The owner and the building manager are roaches themselves. If you move in there TAKE picture of any damage - Abraham will say it's normal wear and test when you move in but when you move out they will charge you for the last persons damage. $200 for nail holes!! The manager is a crack head and so is his wife. The owner is a sleazy little man who tells you he will be back to fix

something and then never comes. BEWARE tenants!! Great location - terrible building!!!

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We discovered bed bugs early January and contacted the building manager immediately.
He arranged to have our suit sprayed and to inspect/spray the suits surrounding ours the following Monday. He agreed that this was the effective way to eliminate the problem

On Monday morning he informed us that WE were to pay for the entire process, accusing us of having had brought them in, or they would not preform the extermination.

I spent an entire morning on the phone with the landlord, the Region

al Tenancy Board, the manager, and even the pest control man.
Only when we threatened to involve the Tenancy Board and break our lease did the manager spray our suit.

He then sprayed ONLY our suit, which only succeeded in being COST effective, NOT effective against bed bugs.

It is now the end of January, we have washed anything and everything made of fabric, vacuumed every corner of the suit, and have had a "guaranteed" pest treatment, and WE STILL HAVE BED BUGS.

Clearly, this issue lies within the building, but it's is completely futile trying to convince our cheap, irresponsible, unsympathetic landlord to actually treat the building.

Our manager has even gone as far as to DENY the existence of this website! I am incredulous to their behaviour as owners, and as human beings.

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We just moved in, and have bed bugs in our apartment.

Yes, thats happened in my building on Mcgill. I was accused of bringing them in after travelling. Yet when I inspected the wall in building hallways, I found a dead beadbug. Hopefully your problem has gone away by now!

the date: the late July, 2008

We found out that there were bedbugs and numerous numbers of their eggs in a room.

We called the appartment manager to let him know about this and to ask him to contact the building-contracted pest control company. However, as soon as he heard about it, he started accusing us of bringing bedbugs into the building even thouhg he had no evidence at all.

When we later asked him whether there were other people who had the same problem, he lied and said that h

e already asked the tenants about bedbugs and that there were no one who had the bugs. In fact,however, he had not done so until the mid-August.

We know that the manager had conducted pest onctrol investigations for all units. However, we do not know what he is going to do next as no information is given to us from him.

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