2365 Mclean Dr
Vancouver, BC V5N

Found 4 reports:

This location is free of bedbugs for more than 2 years
You guys need medical attention

Went to view suite (Oct/10). Forgot to check this site before arriving. Landlord was late in arriving, and upon quick check, found undesired report.

Landlord's husband proceeds to argue with us, while awaiting our cab. "Don't believe everything we read on the internet?" was his response.

We wished we had brought my pepperspray. No means NO!

2365 McLean Drive. July, 2010. The units are infested with bed bugs, had over 50 bites in first two days and had to move right away. Owned by Nacal Properties. They are aware of the problem and are super shoddy. The aparmtents appear nice and clean but are taken over with bugs.

Unit infested with bedbugs. Owned by Nacel Properties. Instead of dealing with the problem they chose to serve me with an eviction notice and accuse me of bringing them in. STAY AWAY.

No nearby bug reports